"If you can dream it, you can do it."

- Walt Disney -

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So who are we?

Suisseworks.com was born back in 2010, in Genève, Switzerland, during a cold December night full of snow, warm ideas and charming people. We are a group of good looking, experienced and highly motivated human beings, trying to apply Success Oriented Thinking to our lives and to our daily activities, striving for nothing less than Excellence in our results and deliverables. Our motto -Success Oriented Thinking- is a holistic approach for all we do. By connecting and empowering people and businesses around the world, we will be making our contribution towards a better planet.

God Speed.
Matthias Malek - President

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    José Chaverri | Inbound Marketing Expert

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    Matthias Malek | Digital Coach

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    David Vásquez | Chief Marketing Expert

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Suisseworks is fully focus on developing NetworkingDays, Latin-Americans leading next generation referral program.

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